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9 Common Misconceptions About Groomsmen Attire

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9 Common Misconceptions About Groomsmen Attire


9 Common Misconceptions About Groomsmen Attire
  1. The Bride-to-Be is in Charge

If you’ve been rather hands-off during the planning stages of your wedding we strongly recommend you step up your game. Dude, please don’t make your bride-to-be have to dress you and your guys, you’re better than this. 100% guaranteed that she will be THRILLED to see you taking initiative here. So step up to the plate and start sharing ideas together.

Happy wife = Happy life.


  1. Tuxedo or Bust

Dude! Welcome to earth! Although the Tuxedo is classic, too many people feel that they NEED to wear a tux. If this isn’t your style, or doesn’t go with the theme that you and your bride-to-be have chosen, don’t force it! Suits, Suit Separates, Vests, are ALL great options to go with.


  1. Renting is the Only Way To Go

Do you want your guys wearing the same outfit that some 18 year old kid wore to prom the night before? Literally THE SAME CLOTHES? Hard pass.

According to the average tuxedo rental is $185.00. ONE HUNDRED EIGHT FIVE BUCKS for your buddies to wear used clothes for 8 hours.9 Common Misconceptions About Groomsmen Attire

Find a local gentlemen’s clothier and go ask for advice, see what they have in stock, ask what deals you can get for buying multiple suits / suit separates. Your guys will already have the basics: white shirt, shoes and a belt. Build off that and you can get them in something under $200.00 and they get to keep it!

Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.


  1. Matching Everything

Can you? Sure. Do you have to, heck no! If you’re looking for a more casual attire pick 3 different vests, ties or shirts to mix it up. Just be sure that the attire compliments each other so you don’t look completely out of place.


  1. Must have a Floral Boutonniere

False. Just wait till you see what your florist wants to charge you for something that one of your groomsmen will dare another one to eat at 3:00am.  

You can actually get pretty clever here for super cheap. Are you a golfer or a fisher? Get creative with golf tees or fish hooks to spice it up a bit. Spend your money elsewhere.


  1. Socks Don’t Matter

Oh yes they do. Socks are both creative and cost effective, you can even make this part of your groomsmen gift. Don’t ask questions, just get on the sock train. Check out Happy Socks for ideas. 


  1.  Denim is Not Acceptable

If you’re going for a casual theme and your guys can pull off a dark wash denim jean with a sharp shoe + vest/blazer we fully co-sign this move. This is the opposite end of the spectrum from a Tuxedo -- just make sure it isn’t a square peg in a round hole.  


  1. No Shoes, No Service

No shoes, NO PROBLEM. If your wedding is on the beach, backyard, park etc. You can absolutely go with flip flops or barefoot. You ever see someone walking the beach with wingtips? Nooooope.


  1. Must Wear Neckwear

My father had size 19 neck. Do you think that man enjoyed wrapping a tie around his neck? Not a chance. A tie isn’t mandatory these days. If it fits the theme of the wedding, great. Traditional ties, bow ties, love em all. But you and your guys also want to be comfortable. You can all be sharp dressed men even without the tie.


There you have it! A few things to keep in mind while planning the attire for the big day.

Broke Grooms Advice: step up to the plate and take care of this and don’t afraid to be creative.


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