How to Plan a Wedding When You're Broke!

How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding

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Vegas, Baby! VEGAS!                                                How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding  

So you want to elope -- can’t say we blame you. This is absolutely an option for you. Sin city has the sights, sounds and overall atmosphere that almost anyone can get behind. If you and your bride-to-be want to throw aside the pressure of planning from family and friends (and especially the cost) we are here to help you explore a few options.

Plus people have been getting married in Vegas for decades! I’m talking important people from ‘Ole Blue Eyes marrying Mia Farrow at The Sands. Actor Paul Newman and Actress Betty White took the plunge in sin city. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra, Angelina and Billy Bob, Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere (how the $&#* did that happen?) Pam Anderson hitched the guy famously known for the Paris Hilton sex tape. Hell even Britney married some dude for 22 hours for shits ‘n grins.***

***Did the majority of these marriages last?  Dude, we aren’t marriage therapists, we are just here to give you options on how a guy plans a Las Vegas wedding. 


  1. The Little Vegas Chapel: starting at $75.00

The Little Vegas Chapel is your classic wedding service located directly on the strip in sin city. They have several offerings including Elvis Weddings, Vow Renewals, LGBT Weddings and even a Pink Cadillac Tour which is 2 hours long and covers over 20 miles of all things related to The King.

How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding




  1. Graceland Wedding Chapel: starting at $199.00

Looking for more Elvis? Well here you have it -- also located on the strip, Graceland Wedding Chapel touts an all encompassing Elvis experience. Graceland can take care of everything from your flowers to photos. So even if your family is pissed that you skipped town and got hitched, you can send Great Aunt Millie all the photos she can handle.


How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding


  1. The Luxor: starting at $299.00

So Elvis isn’t your thing, got it. How about getting married in a pyramid in the desert? At The Luxor you’re able to have everything at your disposal. Located on the strip only minutes from the airport, you and your mate can take advantage of all the amenities that a major resort offers while conveniently getting married in their own chapel. If you’ve convinced some friends and family to take this trip with you, we suggest spending the extra dough from the small chapels to go for the full on service that these resorts bring to the table.

How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding


  1. Caesars Palace: starting at $899.00

…. Did Caesar live here? No, no he did not. BUT, you can totally get hitched here. Caesars Palace has been an absolute staple of the strip since it opened in ‘66. Caesars will for sure meet your wedding needs and the needs of any guests who make the trip with you. From their world famous pools, casinos and sportsbook everyone will be satisfied with a few days in the desert. Caesars has full wedding packages starting just shy of $1k leading up to $20k. Remember that the average cost is $26k. So, treating yourself to a few nights in Vegas while not having to plan? Yaaaaaah. Worth it.

How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding


  1. The Bellagio: starting at $2,000.00

The Bellagio, which opened in 1998 and is a 5 star world class hotel, offers everything you are possibly looking for in Vegas. Make no mistake, Bellagio is the gold standard here and you’ll pay for it. From their world famous 8.5 acre, 22 million gallon water fountain at the entrance, to the indoor seasonally inspired Conservatory you and your guests will certainly be satisfied -- plus your photos will be unreal. Feel free to check out their price list here, our advice is to make this as cost effective as possible. Go with a lower cost package (see “The Bellagio” package) -- keep it simple here and your day is a guaranteed success.

How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding


Broke Grooms Advice: Wherever you choose in Las Vegas our advice is to keep it simple. The reason you’ve elected to run off and get married is so that the two of you can get away from the bull shit and stress that comes from wedding planning. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Pick a venue that you like and a package that is in your price point. Don’t add any extra thrills until you get there and know what your budget is.

And then party your ass off, cause it’s Vegas, Baby! Vegas!

How a Guy Plans a Las Vegas Wedding

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