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How a Man Survives Your Wedding Shower

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How a Man Survives Your Wedding Shower


How a Man survives your wedding shower


Can we just start off by saying how bizarre showers are in general? For those of you foreign to what a Wedding Shower entails let us break this down for you:

  • The couple-to-be compiles a list of 75-100 items that they would like to have.
  • (Items like a Crock Pot, Tempurpedic Pillows, Kitchen Knives and Pots and Pans)
  • The couple then distributes said list to the invitees of the wedding.
  • (Here you go friends -- go buy us shit!)
  • The invitees are now set to go and purchase said items.
  • (Think like an expensive not-so-fun scavenger hunt at Crate and Barrel)
  • The bridal party now has to set up the wedding shower.
  • (That’s right, the bride is to be “surprised” by the theme -- Bridal Party = work / slave)
  • A date is picked a few months before the wedding where traditionally majority of the women who are invited gather to watch the Bride-to-Be open each gift one-by-one.
  • (And they sit there.. watching this take place.. spatula after knife set after champagne glass)

Yes, you’ve read this all correctly. A bunch of people get together to watch someone open gifts that they’ve specifically asked for… “Oh my goodness! A slap chop! We’re going to have such an exciting life now!”  Bonkers, right?

 (Side note: If your bride-to-be is looking for inspiration on the registry, and you want to score some points here, I’d suggest directing her to this The Broke Ass Bride Blog -- Amy does a kick ass job of breaking down some essentials that your spouse is looking for).

We never understood the tradition either. Do we hate this tradition? Shit, no! You get a bunch of cool stuff that you can’t afford, we are okay with that. We just want it to be known that we think it is weird-as-hell -- moving on!

Wedding Registration

Dude! This part actually doesn’t suck! Here’s a play-by-play of what will happen:

  • The two of you will pick a store or two of where you’d like to register (your bride-to-be will take care of this, just nod your head and agree with everything).
  • You go to the store (In this example think Macy’s) and their customer service department will get you all set up with a list and an electronic price gun.
  • Your mission? You get to shoot shit with your electronic price gun -- everything you want, bam! You shoot the damn thing. Vaccum! Roasting Pan! 1000 Thread Count Sheets! Bam! Bam! Bam!
  • Go Nuts, go completely overboard. Dude, whatever, if this bonkers tradition is going to continue you might as well just jump in head first. I want you to be walking around Macy’s like you’re Wyatt $&%*#(#& Earp! You’re coming! And Hell’s coming with you! 


How a Man Survives Your Wedding Shower

How a Man Survives Your Wedding Shower

Okay, now on how to survive the day of the shower. Some people may or may not like this, but our Broke Grooms advice is this: If you don’t have to be there, DON’T GO. Show up at the end, thank everyone for being there. Go play golf, fish, catch a game or a movie… literally anything other than having to be there -- it’s a circus.

However, if you’re attendance is requested (demanded) here are some tips for you to survive.

  1. Booze… If you’re requested (demanded) to be present your bride-to-be doesn’t actually want you to be involved in the day, just present and accounted for. So if the venue picked by the Bridal Party has a bar this is where you’ll be posting up for the day -- if it is at a house you’ll pick a corner and be there. Either way alcohol will be your little buddy all day long.
  1. You can be my wingman anytime… If you’re requested (demanded) to be there then rally the freaking troops. I’m talking any male that is associated with this wedding in any capacity ask them to accompany their companion to the shower. Strength in numbers, you’ll be lucky to get half a dozen people to agree to be your wingmen for the day.  
  1. Weather the storm together... Play lawn games if you’re at a home, belly up to the bar if at a venue, watch any game imaginable, whatever it takes...

How a Man Survives Your Wedding Shower


  1. Download The BG Wedding Shower Drinking Game (Below). 

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There you have it!  If you follow these tips we can't guarantee that you'll keep your sanity, but at the very least it is a step in the right direction. Cheers! 

Check Out:  6 Myths about First Time Wedding Planning! And good luck my friend! Cheers!



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Written by John Holliday

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