How to Plan a Wedding When You're Broke!

How to Cure Your Wedding Headache

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How to Cure Your Wedding Headache 
Q&A with founder of Wedding Headache, Ryan Maguire. 
 How to cure your wedding headache
1. Tell us about your site, Wedding Headache
Wedding Headache is devoted to providing resources to help reduce the amount of stress that can take place while planning a wedding. 
2. We think it's great that you've got tips specifically for Brides and Grooms -- do you see Grooms getting more involved in Wedding Planning? 
I think that is the way the trend is going. The stereotype is that the bride takes care of every detail imaginable but I think guys are getting more involved nowadays. It's definitely important to offer to help at the very least. 
3. What are the hardest challenges to overcome for couples during Wedding Planning? Any tips to overcome those challenges?
I would say overcoming the stress would be the hardest challenge during the whole process. It's important to keep things in perspective. You are getting married to the love of your life. Your wedding is an important day but in the end it's just one day. You have the rest of your lives together. 
4. Any cost savings advice to give our readers to consider while they're in the planning process? 
A lot of venues make you chose their caterers. I was amazed by how much they charged per person to have chicken and a couple sides! Don't pay $65-100/person to have a meal they will probably forget. Find a venue that charges something reasonable or lets you use your own caterer. 
5. Any bachelor party tips for our readers? 
Have fun! Enjoy the moment. Don't do anything that your bride would be angry with you about :)
6. Top 5 most important tips for a Groom to keep his Bride happy during planning! Help a brother out! 
1. Offer to help. Your bride might not need (or want) your help but she would appreciate the gesture. 
2. Give your bride a massage! Wedding planning can be stressful. Help alleviate the stress with a nice massage. 
3. Don't forget to take your bride on date nights. Planning your big day can take over your life. Get out of the house and have fun!
4. Run errands. Your bride's attention is going to shift into wedding planning mode. Make things easier on her by taking care of the small things. 
5. Delegate some responsibilities to your groomsmen. You're going to have a million things to do. Give a handful to your groomsmen. They will be more than happy to help out.
How to cure your wedding headache
 A big thanks to Ryan for joining us for this Q&A -- great advice from a guy who has been there before! Feel free to check out our other blog posts here... Cheers!
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Written by JT Brady

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