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How to Plan a Cost Effective Bachelor Party

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How to Plan a Cost Effective Bachelor Party


So your buddy is getting married and you’re in charge of his bachelor party, don’t take this lightly. Keep in mind there is a 50/50 shot that this will be the only bachelor party of his life -- make it memorable one. That being said, you can do this without breaking the bank. In this blog we will cover ideas on how to make it fun for everyone involved without having to sell an organ.


How to Plan a Cost Effective Bachelor Party

Goes without saying, take care of the groom-to-be this weekend financially. Get the group of guys together (roughly 6 to 12 + people) and split the costs evenly. The Groom has enough financial things to worry about in the coming months (like feeding roughly 75 + people an overpriced / undercooked plate of chicken and microwavable vegetables) -- this is a weekend where he leaves his wallet at home.


Have everyone turn off their cell phones. Anybody you need to talk to can wait, and definitely just take the groom's cell phone away from him, that is mandatory. Enjoy the weekend with your buddies, because these may be rare, Instagram and Snapchat can take a back seat.**

**Unless you want to fire up Tinder, we definitely co-sign intoxicated Tinder usage on this weekend.



Staying in your local area is completely fine, if someone has a house big enough to accompany all of you that is ideal as this will really save on costs.


If you don’t have the ability to crash at a buddies place, check out Airbnb for your area or an area you’d all have fun traveling to. Sticking with the theme here, stay within your price range, you don’t need a palace for one or two nights. Keep this simple, even just driving 30 to 45 minutes away from where everyone lives will make you all feel like you’re really getting away.



You know the groom better than anyone, always be asking yourself “What would Gus want to do?” and follow that thought process.


Beach Day

If you rent a place near a beach, lake or happen to have a buddy who has a place near one this is a great starting point. Guess what, beaches are free with plenty to do and they’re BYOB. There will be women, sunshine, booze and games. You can absolutely not go wrong with this day. If it’s raining? Go play poker.

How to Plan a Cost Effective Bachelor Party


Does Gus fish but only a few other people do? Welp, looks like everyone is going fishing today because this weekend is about Gus, damnit!


Find a local spot to fish for the day and guess what, that’s BYOB too. The costs of lodging and booze are the two highest for this weekend of debauchery. Any opportunity you get to hit your local store and buy cases of beer you should head in that direction. Stay away from $9 dollar beer night at the club.


If possible, look in the designated area for fishing charters. This will cost more but split amongst the group of guys this is totally reasonable. Most fishing charters will take you out anywhere from 1 to 6 hours depending on the package you pick. Most of these guys let you bring a cooler on board with you as well which is perfect.


If Gus is into fishing he’ll never forget a full day of hanging with his buddies on the lake / boat for the day. Can’t miss.



How to Plan a Cost Effective Bachelor Party

Tee it up! Listen, you don’t need to play Augusta National to have a good time. The more people  attending the more range of ability they will have. In the area that you’ve designated for the weekend of debauchery find the local average public course and play 36 holes. Make it a competitive event with teams or just drink a beer a hole, the world is your oyster.


“Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you’re not good at them.” - Roy McAvoy

If everyone is in for golf, run a Ryder Cup format and have everyone get into it. Go to Target and buy everyone cheap matching polo’s and basic hat and totally own it. Load up your carts with coolers full of beer and more cigars than you could ever smoke. Grip it and rip it... 


Poker / Video Games / Drinking Games


How to Plan a Cost Effective Bachelor Party

Weather sucks? Maybe Gus doesn’t enjoy the great outdoors? Okay, time to dominate the designated crash pad for the weekend.


Load up on all your alcohol and tobacco needs for the next 48 hours. Buy more than you think you’ll need so you don’t have to make any other trips. Burgers and dogs to put on a grill and bags of chips is literally all your body needs.


Texas Hold’Em Tournament -- simple, standard and can’t really go wrong. You can determine however much money to be involved.


Video Games

Gamers? Got you, pick your favorite and get into the zone. Madden, Call of Duty, Fifa, whatever you fancy just have someone bring their Playstation or XBox with you and have at it.


Drinking Games

Kings, Asshole, Beer Pong and Flip Cup are old reliables -- our advice to get everyone involved here is to play Baseball -- view this link for a great breakdown. 


Baseball is a hybrid of beer pong and flip cup. Essentially you set up two teams of however many people you have and run a 9 inning baseball game of beer pong and flip cup combined. Each at bat will be like beer pong, once you’re on base you’re playing flip cup on the side.


You will have a tremendous amount of fun with this game and everyone’s competitive juices will be flowing. And yes, you get absolutely hammered.


Here are the high level things to remember on How to Plan a Cost Effective Bachelor Party:

  • Pick a venue that is affordable, a place someone else already owns or a cheap rent.
  • BYOB to all events. If you can’t BYOB maybe rethink if you actually need to do that.
  • There is no such thing as too much booze, tobacco, hot dogs or doritos. 
  • Turn off your cell phones, you’re with the only people you need to talk to.
  • Bring a wireless speaker for tunes -- Beach, fishing, golf, poker, it is applicable for all.  

Have fun, stupid fun, stupid nobody gives a shit fun. Act like you’re 18 for 48 hours -- Gus will never forget it.

Thanks for reading, check out other blogs in our forum found here. Cheers! 

John Holliday

Written by John Holliday

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