Meet the (broke) Groomsmen


JT Brady


My fellow Groom! Happy to be your (unofficial) groomsmen! Personally I've been married twice so I've got some experience in this domain. Thankfully the second one has lasted (so far)...

After experiencing the gauntlet of getting married (2x) as well as being part of almost a dozen other ceremonies I've seen my fair share of shit. We are here to drop as much knowledge on you as possible when it comes to what you can and cannot expect.

Fun Facts: 

I'm a pisces and an advid hockey player. I'm a golfer on the weekends but could never fix my slice and never met a green I couldn't three putt. I prefer all liquor to be brown and my beer Canadian. "Measure twice and cut once" is what my Dad taught me... should've thought that through on the 1st marriage. 

Drop us a line @brokegrooms on the twitter machine. Questions, comments, consultation. 

John Holliday

Bachelor Party Aficionado

Hello. I'm married, so naturally I'm a pro at this. Unlike JT I got it right the 1st time. Alright, maybe a pro is a stretch, but I do bring some value to the show! 

I've attended bachelor parties all the way from penthouse at the Bellagio to the VFW in my local small town. If you're looking to get a bang for your buck, I'm your huckleberry... 

We are truly dedicated to guiding you, my friend, the groom-to-be on this kick ass journey that you're embarking on. Just do yourself a favor and enjoy the ride. 

Fun fact: I suck at fantasy football, have terrible allergies and guarantee I've eaten more chicken nuggets than you.  

Bryce Curry


I just hate paying full price for shit. For anything. Ever. I am here to provide any and all guidance on how to talk to these vendors, where to go for better prices and what is really a necessity at your wedding. 

Fun facts: I still smoke when I drink, only shave with a straight razor and would eat ice cream for breakfast if my wife would let me (marriage is give and take, you'll learn).